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Childminding Service for 0 - 15 year old's

Introducing you to our

Childminding Service

First we will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to meet us and visit our setting.

If this is a quiet time of day or a day when we are not working - we can give you more of our time and attention to ask questions and look around.

  • If a place is available that meets your needs, we recommend that you visit again, with your child, around the time of day when you will need them to be with a childminder. This will give you all a chance to meet the other children that they will attend with and see some of the activities that your child will be offered.

  • If we are unable to offer you a place, at the time of your enquiry - your details can be recorded on the waiting list. We will then contact you as soon as a vacancy becomes available that meets your requirements.


ON REQUEST or download here 

  • Then, if you are happy to proceed - we will arrange some preliminary visits for your child. You will be asked to complete and sign a child record form and parental consent forms for each child. It is a legal requirement that we have this information on record before we can accept responsibility for any child.

  • We will provide you with details of our policies and procedures and based on the information you have given us about your circumstances and requirements, we will give you a draft of the childminding contract to take home or view on BabysDays. You will need to read through the details very carefully to be certain that you understand and agree to the terms therein, before you sign and return it.

* Please be aware that we may be interviewing other prospective clients at the same time, so may not be able to hold the place/s for very long. *
A contractual agreement between childminder and parent/s will guarantee that the place is reserved for your child/ren. However, the contract can be cancelled without notice during the settling-in period and this period will be written into the contract.


We understand that some children take longer to settle in a new place and that leaving your child may be traumatic or emotional for both children and parents.

Initially, you may want to stay for a while and shorten the length of stay on each visit, then leave your child for an hour or two, so they can gradually get used to the separation from you.

Children cannot play, learn or develop successfully if they are anxious or unhappy, so giving children time to settle in ensures that children feel confident that their parents will return to collect them.

During this time, we will welcome and support families while their children settle into the new environment.

Children may want to bring in a special toy or comfort item. A personal item of Mummy's or Daddy's can also reassure a child that you are coming back (for it & them).