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Childminding Service for 0 - 15 year old's

Equal Opportunities Policy

We are committed to the incorporation of equal opportunities into all aspects of our work.

We aim to ensure that no-one suffers discrimination, abuse or harassment on the grounds of race, colour, culture, gender, class, marital or financial status, religious or political beliefs, ability or disability or sexual orientation.

All children in our care will:

  • Be treated as unique individuals and with equal concern and respect.
  • Be encouraged to develop to his or her full potential, at their own pace.
  • Be respected and give respect to the way other people lead their lives.
  • Be encouraged to oppose prejudice and discrimination against people.
  • Be encouraged to value differences between individuals and groups in society.
  • Be helped to develop their self-respect and to respect other people.
  • Be encouraged to share their unique experiences with others and listen to those of others.

We will endeavour to:

  • Recognise, value and encourage EVERY child's individuality and potential.
  • Avoid stereotyping and give children opportunities to explore, understand and value similarities AND differences.
  • Provide positive images and resources that reflect a rich diversity of societies.

Meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirements

Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare The provider must take necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.