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Childminding Service for 0 - 15 year old's


Transport may not be available when roads are icy, but if you are able to get your children here and collect them - we will be available to provide childcare, as usual.

We will keep you informed if we need to close.

Severe Weather Policy

In the event of severe bad weather (heavy snow, ice, fog, floods) - We will remain open for any children who are able to get here, but may not be able to reach all the schools - should they remain open.It is for parents to decide whether or not to bring their child to us. However, should your child be with us and the weather takes a turn for the worst and we decide to close our service, then parents will be advised as soon as possible to come and collect your child.
If our electricity goes off during severe bad weather,

  • our landline telephone will stop working. We have a mobile phone which will work without needing to be powered by electricity. Please use the number provided below if we cannot be reached on the home phone – 07815 651054 or 07877 820182
  • Our heating will go off, and we will make every effort to contact parents for them to come urgently to collect their child if the indoor temperature drops below a safe level of 16 degrees centigrade.

If parents are delayed by severe bad weather, they must inform us as soon as possible and keep us updated about their journey. Their child will be kept safe and reassured during this time. If you cannot bring your child to us in the morning of their session, for instance if you are snowed in, please inform us as soon as possible.

We will always use my common sense whether to go out on journeys or not. Care and attention always applies when children are out and about with us.If children arrive dressed appropriately for the weather - we can take the opportunity to go out in (and play!) in snow etc., but if children do not arrive in or have suitable clothes for outdoor play, we will have to stay inside.

If children’s shoes / boots do not have soles suitable for severe weather conditions, they might fall more than usual during outings, outside play etc. Parents are responsible for ensuring children’s footwear is suitable for the weather conditions. Please ensure your child has wellingtons / snow boots that fit them for use in the snow/extreme weather conditions.

If the weather permits then the usual childminding routine will still apply – i.e. playgroup, nursery, school runs etc. If schools/nursery close due to bad weather we will collect your child from school (unless the parents are able to collect them). We will then keep them with us for the remainder of the day. In these circumstances you will be charged extra for the additional time that we care for your child if the hours concerned are not within your normal contractual agreement.

We aim to always inform parents of weather conditions whilst their child is at our service to allow for earlier collection if necessary.

If parents decide not to send their child to us for their normal care – full fees will still be due.In this case, full fees will still be payable.

If you have any concerns regarding this policy, please contact me.